Valentine's Day at EFES

Valentine’s Day is a fun day to share kindness with everyone. We want the day to continue to be fun for everyone! East Franklin will celebrate with a schoolwide Kindness Chain Event. Students will take about 30 minutes from their day to celebrate kindness and share powerful, kind messages to their classmates and form a chain in each classroom. The classroom chains will join together to form a giant East Franklin Kindness Chain. Our goal is to stretch the chain the full length of our main hallway and beyond!

If you and your student still want to celebrate with Valentines, please be sure to include everyone in the class and try to limit your Valentine’s to cards, stickers, pencils, erasers, or other small items. We want to keep everyone safe and allow all our students to enjoy the day. We do not want our students with known or unknown severe allergies or food sensitivities to run into any problems. Please respect all of our students and make it a fantastic day!

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