House System

The house system is an idea adopted in the US from many schools in Europe.  It gives students the opportunity to connect with students across classes and grades that they may not normally have a chance to interact with. This helps students gain more friendships and create a family-like culture at our school.

As part of the house system, students earn points for their house and the whole school.  We are working to teach the students that their positive behavior helps not only themselves, but their house group and the entire school community.

Students meet with the other members of their house from all over the school twice a month on Mondays. Every house has their own chants, cheers, and symbols that represent their strengths and students will be learning about these soon during the house meetings.  Monday House meetings all have a different focus to help students build social skills, problem solving skills, team building skills, and empathy building skills. This is an opportunity for students to work together with members of all different grade levels.

Throughout the year we will also have whole school house celebrations to highlight the great things our students will be doing and how we have power when we all work together!

The House of Givers

From a powerful group of Brazilian natives who were know for their caring and giving spirit.

The House of Friendship

From the Spanish word for friendship and a group of indigenous people from Mexico known for opening their homes to others and being friends to all.

The House of Courage

From the powerful Zulu people in Africa who show a quiet courage and do what is right despite what others may think.

The House of Dreamers

From the French, known for their creative artistic flair. They solve problems in creative ways without giving up.

Updated House Points