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Stickers & Pencils Available To Purchase In The Lobby

New to East Franklin Elementary is our sticker machine for students to purchase fun stickers and pencils for $0.50 each.  Each purchase benefits the Principal’s Fund which is used to help pay for field trips, student awards and other school activities. The types of stickers and pencils available for purchase will change from time-to time and will be managed by an outside vendor. 

Any student may purchase at the start of the day before the tardy bell rings.


😀Students must have two quarters to make a purchase and must show the teachers

the coins. The office will not keep change on hand to make exact change of 2 quarters.

😀Students must have money on their day, or they will need to wait until the following week to purchase.

😀Students will be permitted to purchase a maximum of 2 items per day.

😀We will not have access to open the machine to make exchanges or refund lost coins.

😀Students will be responsible for their own purchases and must keep their stickers on their own materials.

😀Use this as an opportunity to teach your student about being responsible, making purchases, acceptance, and patience.

😀Keep your hands on your own stickers!


😞Don’t ask for change at the office. We don’t have it.

😞Don’t ask for a refund or to exchange your sticker or pencil.

😞Don’t put stickers on furniture, walls, or floors. If this happens, it may result in the removal of the school sticker machine.

😞Don’t get mad if the machine is out of stickers. It will get filled eventually.